By Ryan Pelerin

As we start off 2018, perhaps your business is looking to move to the cloud. A recent article on CIO detailed how certain cloud mistakes can sink your business. If you’re looking to make a move to the cloud or have already made the move, considering these mistakes and how they’d impact your bottom line is imperative.

Since WSM has completed thousands of migrations since we started in 2003, we have seen many of the mistakes outlined by CIO.  I wanted to add a few cloud adoption best practices to consider.

Migrate to the correctly sized environment

When completing a cloud adoption for a client, we start by making sure that they are migrating to the correctly-sized environment. It’s surprising that this isn’t always the case. In our experience, as many as half of all migrations don’t move to a properly-sized environment. Many organizations just move their IT systems with little or no thought as to whether their current or planned configuration makes technical or economic sense.

Evaluate your current environment before moving to a new one

Knowing what’s in your current environment, as well as what you’re using, is important before making a move. At WSM, we offer a no-cost, risk-free Environment Evaluation that includes an inventory of the current programs, services, and applications running in the environment with details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage. Then, we deliver recommendations including security, performance, and transformation if applicable along with competitive cost analysis of up to four hosting providers with a potential cost savings calculation.

Completed before making the actual move, this evaluation enables our clients to preview an environment that makes economic, technical, and operational sense That way, we’re not making mistakes that can sink your business. In our experience, we’ve helped organizations reduce their hosting costs by more than 70 percent.

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