Plan a migration and cut hosting costs up to 70%

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Is your business:

  • Thinking of a migration but not sure if it’s worthwhile?
  • Reviewing the costs for your hosting environment?
  • Needing help determining if your server environment is operating efficiently?
  • Planning a migration and wanting recommendations on hosting providers and other services?

WSM’s Server Evaluation can help. After completing thousands of migrations, we know how to determine the best path for your business while considering your goals and budget.

As part of a Server Evaluation, we take a holistic look at your environment and make recommendations based on your current set-up, your needs, and your future goals. By providing a competitive cost analysis of hosting providers, we’ve helped businesses cut their hosting costs up to 70%.

What We’ll Do

  • Access your Linux or Windows servers
  • Run WSM’s Cloud Catalyst Software

  • Review inventory of current programs, services, and applications

  • Prepare target architecture for migration

  • Run a remote proactive vulnerability scan of your public-facing websites, applications, and servers

  • Identify high-level efficiency improvements that could be realized through automation

What You’ll Get

  • An inventory of all websites. applications, workloads, services, databased, and versions

  • Details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage

  • Report of all vulnerabilities identified and ranked from critical to low, with optional estimates to mitigate

  • Recommendations to leverage automation

  • Competitive cost analysis of up to 4 hosting providers

  • Potential cost savings calculation per month, per year, and projected ROI date

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of businesses aren’t migrating to the correctly sized environment.
of businesses who upgrade their services every 3-5 years don’t seek competing quotes.
is the highest amount we’ve saved a client thus far.

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