Our Story

Since 2003

With the founding of WSM, in 2003, the specialized migration services industry was created.  Created by former hosting company entrepreneur Ryan Pelerin, WSM has successfully completed more migrations than all other migration service providers combined – without a single failure.

Growth of more than 30% every year

Today, WSM has experienced astonishing year-over-year growth of more than 30 percent each and every year of its existence, evolving from a small, self-funded start up to an international technical services powerhouse with offices in Michigan, Texas and Eastern Europe.

As WSM has grown, its business model has continued to evolve, providing a more sophisticated and comprehensive scope of services along the way in response to customer demand.

None of what WSM does for its customers and partners would be possible without an extraordinarily talented team with highly advanced and proven expertise. Through the combination of service offerings and unparalleled technical experience, any type of migration is covered. The WSM team can speak virtually any programming language and work within every operating system. In other words, WSM covers 100 percent of all server migrations.

Delivered migration services

WSM has delivered migration services and enhanced technical support solutions for small to mid-size businesses and institutions, local and federal governments as well as enterprise level Fortune 100 companies – including extremely complex migrations with significant security components and demanding technical challenges.

WSM maintains a core focus on server migrations, with full service, support and consulting capabilities, and has extended its offerings to include advanced services such as application development, load testing and performance tuning, cloud transformation, proactive and restorative security products and services, as well as ongoing server and application layer management plans to deliver an industry-leading ‘server-to-browser’ total support solution.

WSM continues to aggressively and strategically add talent, forge strategic partnerships, develop new resources and reinforce its status as the industry’s premier provider of specialized migration services.