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See Potential ROI with Our Risk-Free Evaluation

We know that 50 percent of businesses don’t migrate to the correctly sized environment. This means they’re likely overpaying for resources they’ll never fully use. We’ve completed thousands of migrations and can help you determine the best path for an optimized environment with the highest ROI with our Environment Evaluation. After we complete your evaluation, you’ll get a report to help you build a business case at your organization.

What You Get:

  • An inventory of the current programs, services, and applications running in your environment
  • Details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage
  • Report of all vulnerabilities identified and ranked from critical to low, with optional estimates to mitigate
  • Security recommendations, if applicable
  • Competitive cost analysis of up to 4 hosting providers
  • WSM migration recommendations and estimate
  • Potential cost savings calculation

Find out how much you can save: get your evaluation started by using the form on the right. A WSM consultant will be in touch shortly.


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Lower your costs with a risk-free Environment Evaluation from WSM.

Why should my business consider assessing our current environment?

Much like a car needs a tune-up, your IT infrastructure should be assessed on a regular basis. If you don’t evaluate your environment for efficiency, needs, security, and other factors, you might be missing out on a more efficient environment that can not only save you money but also provide significant cost savings for your business.

Consider these findings:

  • 30% of businesses who seek to upgrade their services every 3 to 5 years do not seek competing provider quotes.
  • 70% of businesses haven’t performed a security scan or audit within two years following a migration.
  • 50% of businesses aren’t migrating to the correct sized environment and are likely overpaying for resources they’re not fully using.

With our Environment Evaluation, you’ll not only quickly get a sense of your inventory, but more importantly, you’ll get a competitive cost analysis of different hosting environments and our unbiased migration recommendation, all in one easy-to-digest consultation.

Why WSM?

According to a recent study by Experian, 55% of migrations experience a time overrun, with 25% experiencing an overrun of more than three months. These delays not only cost time but often money as well, with most organizations paying for two environments at once.

WSM takes a tactical, rapid approach to migrations. Our evaluation seeks to speed up the process and show how making a change in your environment can positively impact your bottom line. We don’t spend a lot of time consulting like other companies, instead, we engage and act on a tactical plan that serves to demonstrate ROI.


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