Enterprise Pre-Go-Live Options

Stress/Load Testing

WSM’s Load Testing services can be executed before your workloads are live in your new cloud, physical or hybrid environment.

Load Testing can be used to identify maximum concurrent connections the workloads / applications and websites on the new environment can handle before failure and to provide key insight on the average page load time and the overall performance of your applications on the new environment.

If load testing results identify areas for optimization, WSM can suggest alterations to the target architecture, and/or configuration optimizations to achieve the level of performance required in the new environment.

Workload, Server Optimization

WSM Expanded Solutions team can engage to perform both server-side and application-side optimizations to improve the overall performance of your workloads in your new cloud, physical or hybrid environment according to your business goals and objectives.

If you’ve already performed load testing services or are aware of bottlenecks, WSM’s Expanded Solutions team is ready to assist!

Security, Compliance

and other compliance requirements are the industry standards in 2015. WSM’s Expanded Solutions team provides server and application-side compliance security services to ensure that your environment is fully compliant.

If you are running legacy workloads / applications, WSM best-practices recommendation is to run security / vulnerability scans, and to perform light penetration testing. Performing these types of activities during the migration process will ensure that most major server-side and application-side vulnerabilities are addressed prior to going live in the new environment.