Per-Incident Support

Hourly support for as-needed tasks from SSL installation to server configuration, website updates to diagnostics and troubleshooting. Easy engagement, low hourly rates.

Maintenance Retainer Plan

Perfect for businesses needing dedicated support staff for longer periods of time, or to augment or replace in-house staff. Tiered rate discounts, covers all WSM services on one plan.

Monthly Support Plan

Our lowest priced monthly support plan. Priority response times. 24/7 project portal. Low 15-minute billing increments, optional plan upgrades for complete server-to-browser support.

Compromised Server Recovery

Fastest compromised server recovery service in the industry. All servers, all OS’s, all sites and applications. Don’t let your host take your server offline before you contact WSM.

Vulnerability Patching

Simple online ordering to quickly and inexpensively apply the most recent discovered vulnerabilities.