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The benefits of cloud migration are significant, but so are the challenges that come with planning, building, and managing a cloud environment. A Cloud Readiness Workshop gives your organization the information you need to build a solid cloud migration and management strategy. During the workshop, our team will guide your key IT stakeholders through a discussion that will ultimately result in recommendations to help you navigate the next steps in your cloud adoption journey.

What’s Included in a Cloud Readiness Workshop?

What We’ll Discuss During the Workshop

  • The risks associated with moving to the cloud

  • What would need to change to support cloud computing

  • How to properly evaluate cloud options

  • How to build a solid cloud strategy

  • How to align existing processes and procedures with the cloud

  • How to define and prioritize which workloads and applications should move to the cloud

  • How to build automation into your cloud strategy

What You’ll Receive in a Written Report

  • An overview of the topics discussed during the workshop

  • Future recommendations for each topic discussed

  • Best practices for cloud adoption to help guide your next steps

  • Proposal with estimates for any potential discovery and assessment services

  • Competitive cost analysis of up to 4 hosting providers

  • Potential cost savings calculation per month, per year, and projected ROI date

  • Two hour follow-up conference call to review your report in detail

Why Engage in a Cloud Readiness Workshop?

Many organizations have been slow to adopt the cloud due to perceived risks or concerns surrounding security, compliance, integration, performance, or expenses. A Cloud Readiness Workshop helps organizations get the information they need to build a solid cloud migration strategy. At its core, the Cloud Readiness Workshop is really about understanding your organization’s challenges and business requirements in order to make expert recommendations to fuel your cloud adoption journey.

After the Cloud Readiness Workshop: Proof of Concept Migration

Undertaking a cloud migration and transformation project is a big step. A Cloud Readiness Workshop can help the process, but what’s next? In many cases, a Proof of Concept migration can further validate the strategy laid out in the workshop and accelerate your cloud adoption while you see the benefits of cloud migration directly. A Proof of Concept also helps to resolve potential issues before a migration project gets underway.

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Why You Should Build Cloud Automation into Your Migration Plan

While your team is planning a migration, thinking about how you will optimize your new cloud landscape will help you take advantage of the efficiencies that the cloud has to offer, including cloud automation. A great cloud infrastructure makes use of a good cloud platform and a custom-built cloud automation framework that helps your team focus on high-value work, and not day-to-day tedium.

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Building a Migration Strategy: The Top 5 Things to Consider Before You Move

Building a comprehensive cloud migration strategy starts with careful planning and consideration. Failing to adequately prepare for a migration can mean serious complications, missed opportunities, and extra expenses. Learn the five considerations you should make before building your migration strategy.