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Rapid, tactical cloud migration services 

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Cloud migration offers many benefits and advantages. For most organizations, migrating is not a matter of if, but when. Despite the advantages, cloud migration presents many obstacles, including a specialized skills requirement, additional expenses, consolidation and optimization difficulties. Finding the right cloud migration services provider to implement the right plan can mean the difference between success and business disruption. We provide cloud migration services that acknowledge that no two cloud migration projects are alike. Your challenges and requirements guide the migration strategy we create together. In all our engagements, we seek to answer the questions: is the business value of cloud migration strong enough to outweigh the obstacles?

Why WSM’s Cloud Migration Services

Are you ready? Answer the question with WSM’s cloud migration services workshop, assessment, or discovery

You know the benefits of cloud migration services, but is your organization actually ready to make the leap? Is it worth the investment in time and resources? Will your environment be more reliable, easier to maintain? Will it scale more efficiently? WSM can help you answer these questions by assessing a potential migration, making adoption suggestions, and building a business case for migrating.

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On your way? WSM’s cloud migration services process

If you know your organization is ready for cloud migration services, you want the cloud migration services provider in your corner. A leader in the cloud migration industry, WSM will help you choose the tools you need for a successful migration. We create custom-tailored migration plans that fit your environment and your needs. Whether it’s to a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, we can handle migration at volume, set up migration factories unique to your environment, or perform manual migrations where required.

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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Pair the flexibility, functionality, and maturity of AWS with the tactical experience of WSM, and you’ve got an exceptional cloud migration service program. As an Advanced Consulting Partner and an experienced cloud migration services provider, WSM can help your organization harness the power of AWS.

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Broad portfolio beyond cloud migration services

Our expertise extends beyond cloud migration services. We’ll address issues that arise before, during, and after your cloud migration so your organization experiences zero roadblocks during your project.

Meet Our Solution Partners

We’re agnostic. Because we’re not attached to any particular provider or platform, we partner with several and know the ins and outs of them, their differences, their strengths and weaknesses. Together we’ll choose the right solution for your goals.

Case Study: Aon Hewitt

Learn more about how WSM helped Aon Hewitt migrate hundreds of servers.

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The Only Cloud Migration Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The cloud migration journey not easy to navigate for most, and there’s a lot of planning and questions to address to ensure the smoothest migration path and best possible outcome. As a specialized migration provider who has performed thousands of migrations, we have compiled a checklist to help guide you through your cloud migration.

  • hybrid cloud strategy

Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Should You Use It and Why

With the growth of cloud adoption, the hybrid cloud strategy is attractive for many enterprise-level organizations that know they need to make the move to the cloud but have been reluctant to due to where they might be on their IT journey or concerns surrounding security.

  • cloud migration strategy right the first time

How to Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right the First Time

It’s hard to find an organization at the enterprise level that has not yet breached the cloud; however, many small and mid-sized businesses have yet to adopt. For those that haven’t made the leap, getting their cloud migration strategy right the first time is the key to satisfaction. No one wants to be a part of the other 73% of people who were frustrated with the results of their cloud migration strategy.

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