Aon Hewitt

In order to modernize and secure its applications, Aon Hewitt selected WSM to migrate their enterprise applications. Aon Hewitt needed a partner to also assist in scanning, detecting, identifying, and removing security threats before migrating.


Pep Boys

Pep Boys decided to optimize its IT infrastructure by implementing cloud-based hosting and computing solutions. Retaining a large amount of data relating to customer purchases and parts inventory, the company required a highly accurate and cost-effective system for data management.



Ippolita was running a Magento-based website on AWS using stand-alone AWS EC2 instances. Not configured to be load-balanced or scalable on AWS, Ippolita's traffic increased and spiked during peak traffic seasons, causing slower site response times. Additionally, Ippolita was looking to deploy a redeveloped Magento-based website.



HarperCollins was using several expensive dedicated servers across assorted hosting companies to host their direct-to-consumer and media websites. In order to reduce cost, they decided to migrate to AWS. In order to accomplish their goals, WSM engaged AWS tools to consolidate, migrate, and auto-scale their servers.