See how hackers could exploit your vulnerabilities with penetration testing

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Often the toughest weaknesses to pinpoint are your own.  Finding your organization’s security flaws throughout your applications, servers, and network is a critical part of your digital transformation journey. Your reputation and your data are worth protecting: penetration testing shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a part of any digital transformation transition. If your organization has made significant changes to your infrastructure or network or recently applied security patches, penetration testing should be conducted to ensure vulnerabilities have been addressed.

Why Penetration Testing from WSM

WSM offers a comprehensive array of penetration testing backed by our certified team. WSM can perform high-level analyses to uncover leaks and vulnerabilities and provide actionable insights and mitigation solutions. We can perform penetration testing with a specific compliance standard in mind or perform a general penetration test to ensure security in your environment.

Unlike most organizations that perform penetration testing, WSM will not only identify the vulnerabilities but our experienced team of administrations, developers and engineers can optionally remediate the vulnerabilities.

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