Our Customers

Since 2003, WSM has migrated, developed, secured, enhanced, supported or maintained digital assets for most every type of customer and enterprise – from the boutique blogger to small local business, to Fortune 100 industry giants. Their testimonials are what powers the WSM commitment to superior service. How can we serve you today?

  • “You performed above and beyond our expectations. We intend to work with WSM now and going forward for a very long time.”

    Mike Smith
  • “I sincerely appreciate your analysis, and agree with your recommendation. You probably realize this, but most firms would have said we need to fix it just to increase their fees, you guys didn’t, and I am grateful to have found a company like yours!”

    Jay Bastian
  • “We are good to go on the DCE Heroes site migration project. Our 3rd party security audit firm confirmed all updates have been done. Thanks again for all the help!”

    Sean Doorly
  • “Thank you so much. You folks are terrific. Please convey my appreciation to your sales operations manager. Happy New Year to all.”

    Richard K. Aland, Chairman and CEO
  • “It was a pleasure working with your team. The Pictsweet website migration was relatively seamless. Your WSM support team was very responsive. We would definitely consider WSM for future website projects.”

    Kevin V. Janiga, Vice President, Marketing
  • “We are pleased and grateful for the work WSM did. The last few weeks have been hectic but we will certainly be back if we have a need for your services again in the future.”

    Matt Pistone, CTO
  • “We enjoyed working with you and your team. I am sure we will be needing your assistance in the near future so I will be calling you. Have a great day. Thanks again!”

    Laronda McCurley
  • “Thanks, you really went over and above and were always available for us. I will recommend your firm in the future.”

    Robert K. Ross, Chief Technology Officer
  • “Thank you for your efforts and getting this accomplished quickly and professionally. It’s been a pleasure working with your team.”

    Artem Kuznetsov GlamHouse
  • I use the most ingenious and industrial strength web moving and maintenance firm to find, recover and reliably configure my data for serving, if you need any hard corps tech support to get you back up and running FAST.

    Steve Wolf Wolf Stuntworks
  • “Thanks guys! Great work I’m sure we will be doing more business in the future… If anyone is looking for website work I’ll be sure to refer you”

    John Jackiewicz Gladiator Lighting
  • Professional, friendly, fast, and affordable. Working with the people at WSM was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. We had several websites that needed to be moved including one large E-commerce website using a customized version of CS-Cart and one website using ExpressionEngine. WSM migrated all of our websites intact onto our new cloud server with no downtime and they even synchronized our databases twice to make sure no information was lost during the move. Moreover, including the time for setting up of the new server and installing/configuring all of our requested site applications, it took them less than a week to do the migration!

    Laurence Lok, Laurel Crown Furniture Laurel Crown
  • “We totally averted disaster and WSM’s team was great, very prompt, professional and highly skilled. Thank you!!”

    Melissa Watkins Mobile Transcript
  • “It has truly been a pleasure working with you on this project. I love it when you show up exactly when you said you were going to and do exactly what you said you would do. Thank you!”

    Jon Broderick Guitar Tricks
  • Whilst researching the move, I came across a number of ‘site transfer management experts’ who offered to handle the whole move on your behalf. Some were obviously students in a back bedroom, but I was very impressed with a US-based company, WSM who offered excellent technical advice and what now seems like a very good price. After all the grief and stress and sleepless nights myself and my technical guru Ian went through, $200 seems like a right bloody bargain! If I ever have to move a site again, I won’t hesitate to hand it over to someone like that.”

    Charles Iscove StrategicAmpersand Inc.
  • I must say that it is terrific working with your organization. The professionalism and attention to detail is really appreciated. Hart Systems will continue to work with WSM on any project where we feel that you can assist us.”

    Tony Lombardi HART systems
  • I just wanted to touch base one more time and let you know that everything looks great. (I’ve also posted a “project completion” message to Basecamp.)

    Bonnie Gardner National Education Association
  • We have been most impressed with the service to date supplied by WSM. I must admit we were a little uncertain just how well the migration would succeed, given the website/CMS was pretty much a custom built application…Your services have certainly far exceeded our expectations.”

    Adam Boulter, Hot Tomato Broadcasting Company 102.9 fm Hot Tomato
  • “Eureka! Based on the way your company was presented as having migrated literally a million websites, and having seen everything, I am happy to see that this characterization proved accurate.”

    Larry Augsbury Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc.
  • I just wanted to personally thank you on behalf of our whole team for your incredible personal commitment to getting us over the line (for our new website development project) this past week… are a true professional.”

    C. Bruce Campbell, COO OrthaHeel USA
  • “Thank y’all so much. I really appreciate it. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know that needs to migrate servers!”

    Anna Lee, Cheaters - Bobby Goldstein Productions Cheaters
  • WSM is amazing! They not only migrated, but troubleshot, fixed, and finished all of the issues that the previous developers couldn’t, and they did this in a matter of weeks!

    Mike Gamache Video Realty
  • Thanks to WSM for an excellent CRM implementation on several levels. First, the user community is very pleased with the improved functionality and operation.

    Equinox Fund Management, LLC
  • WSM is a dependable, innovative company and I’m glad I found them; I was really impressed by how quickly they moved my web sites without any errors or problems that usually need to be corrected after a move. Professional services all the way!

    Bear Lett Bearz WebWorks
  • I would just like to take the time to Thank You for a job well done!! I was a little worried at first but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of my site move.

    Rod NJ Saltwater Fisherman
  • “There are no words to describe how happy I am with your service. Thank you for everything. The word ‘migration’ will never scare me again!”

    Nancy Johnson Wicked Web Design & Hosting
  • “I can’t thank you enough – (WSM) have been unbelievably helpful – this day and age it is hard to find such a brilliant, caring company.”

    Pam Hinks Worcester People & Places
  • Our site moves went well. They were done timely and with great attention to detail. (Our Solutions Specialist) was very quick to respond to things. Our last move, of had some technical problems that turned out to be largely due to a security setting that the host had set up by default. Once it was switched, the site was operating as normal.

    Andrew Lyons, Digital Media Manager Teachers Support Network
  • After much frustration trying to move an e-commerce shop from an H-Sphere server to a CPanel server, I found WSM. Within minutes of submitting a request for help I received a phone call to start the process. They moved the site perfectly and quickly. I’m completely thrilled!”

    Michelle Shaeffer Host Creo
  • I can’t tell you how pleased I was with WSM service. They went way beyond the call of duty for our company. Their customer service exceeded my expectations, and my (Solutions Specialist) helped me with every problem I encountered and handled them promptly. WSM is a diamond in the rough and I will do business with them again. I know I would have never finished my migration without them.

    Mike DeGrado Orleans Jewels
  • “You did an excellent job moving us and we are now running on our new server. Please add as one of your satisfied customers.”

    Loren Toomsen Iowa GenWeb Project
  • helped move our servers to a new provider with no complications or downtime! They moved over 200 sites, 900 email accounts and 10 databases in just under 2 weeks for us. is trustworthy, reliable and affordable! Thanks guys!”

    Phil Palmieri Cruise Planners, Inc.
  • We came to WSM based on a referral from Apollo Hosting. Compared to prior moves (we’ve had several), we found WSM to be faster – by a matter of days, less expensive (several hundred dollars), and most important of all, very efficient. This move was about as painless for us as it could get!

    Lee Douglas Phil Ellis Associates, Inc.
  • The job looks real good. Thank you for your assistance in our migration. Rest assured, if we move again…and the people I know, if they decide to move, I will recommend your company to them. Through the whole mish-mash, you guys stood by us…thank you.”

    Ron Dear JRnR Electronics, Inc.
  • “You guys did a great job. I have already recommended to my company that we use you in the future when we need to move our (very complicated) website.”

    Ed Harris Synnovation, LLC
  • Thank you, we enjoyed working with…I really liked the way I was kept up to date throughout the whole project. That was extremely helpful. You’ll be the first (company) we call for all such projects going forward.”

    Dr. Milton Maddox, President & CEO TeamLogicIT of Scottsdale
  • “Thank you again for the excellent service. WSM did a great job. I would recommend your services without question.”

    Ross Enamait
  • “..thank you so much for taking care of that. The level of service that we have received from your team has been far beyond my expectations and I’m completely impressed.”

    Scott Swenson, Systems Manager MSB-Services
  • “..I appreciate your patience and help along the way in the process. WSM has done a great job and we are happy we chose you to help us with our migration!”

    Richard Fox, CEO, Monarch Group Monarch Investment Funds
  • “You guys did a great job. Thanks for all the excellent work.”

    Marko Vojovic BLUEWORLD, Inc.
  • “WSM has been wonderful! We have 2 servers migrated and are working on the third.

    Kristin McInerny, Radius3 Radius3
  • “You guys were very helpful. I’ll absolutely use your services in the future.”

    Java Joshi Kreative Approach
  • “You guys are great and certainly will love to work with you again…We would like to express our gratitude for your time, efforts and cooperation…Thank you for being fantastic and professional.”

    Myra Haryani, Web Manager Net Pharmacy
  • Well, first of all, thank you for everything. You have been, and are a pleasure to deal with! I could not be more pleased that I found and chose you and your organization. Thank you for all your assistance and ‘education’!

    Paul Erb SandHill German Shepherds
  • “You are great people to work with. You are the type of folks I need on my side to move my company forward. Thank you!”

    Kian Zarnegar THRUST Financial Group
  • “You really give GREAT customer service and have a lot of expertise.”

    David Kantner All Star Customer Service
  • “Teaching all day…and blogging, will mention my very EXCELLENT experience with you and your company.”

    Robert 'Wags' Wagner Real Estate Educators
  • “…thanks for doing a great job.

    Vanessa Trost, 021c communication concepts :::021c:::
  • “Thank you! You guys have been great to work with and so fast! I will contact you for some programming changes to my site when I return.”

    Corey Ellis Corey Ellis
  • I would like to thank all of the team members for their expertise and assistance during my website migration. It has been refreshing experience to receive such excellent service and professional courtesy.”

    Neville Coleman Neville Coleman's World of Water
  • “It’s been a pleasure working with the team at WSM.”

    Michael Silbaugh Appliance University
  • I can’t say enough good about WSM’s WordPress developer. He quicky began rebuilding my blog on BlueHost. He eliminated the visible tags and search box as requested. He then suggested the Yoast SEO tool and plugged it into my blog’s dashboard. He did this all within several hours, with time left over should I need to make modifications in the future. I’m grateful to WSM for their expertise and conscientiousness.

    Gregory Schnacky Monster, Madman or Mensch?
  • “Thanks for the GREAT service. We were migrated less than 48 hours from our conversation.”

    Michael Kranitz, CEO Kranitz Enterprises, Inc.
  • You guys have taken care of every issue we had right after we transferred the DNS, and I appreciate your quick response on those problems.

    Matt Dietz Healthy Back Institute
  • I’m sure you won’t remember me, but your team just completed a project for us for Your enginner was wonderful, kind and courteous to me which was greatly appreciated and went the extra step to help with the set-up.

    Mona Fisher Signature Accommodations
  • Thank you so much, and I wanted to say I’m always impressed with the service your company gives. Whenever I have a question, I always expect to wait a day or two to hear from someone, that’s typical, and you guys, it’s usually minutes! I noticed that right off in dealing with your company and it’s so nice to see SERVICE from someone.

    Olla Theimer North Texas Academy
  • “You and your team have been extremely professional and very clear on all levels.”

    Shalom Issenberg
  • Your team were a pleasure to work with and I loved how you explained each step of the process…very professional. We would not only work with you again but we would recommend you to other companies/people. Thank you again.

    Lisa Cabanes Social Couture
  • “Thank you all VERY much! I will definitely be in touch for more projects in the future. Your service is top shelf! “

    Jay Shoemaker Street Ink Corp.
  • It really couldn’t have gone much better. Derrick got this stuff done in the after-hours part of the day, which was a tremendous help. He made sure the job was truly complete and offered to help if I still didn’t have it covered. He made sure that I understood how everything worked. That was greatly appreciated. The site is working great and I’ll certainly use WSM in the future.

    Dan Cardin LoneTreeEnergy & Associates, LLC
  • “We started doing some initial testing. Great job so far. We are very happy with your work. The turning off of the back-up synch was a small but very important detail. Very impressed.”

    Chris Jackson, Director of Operations ICVM Group
  • After going live, we have not experienced any issues. I can say that the project is complete from our side as well. Thank you so much for all your hard work on our migration. This was the best scenario I could have envisioned for moving to a new server. Everyone was quick to respond and clear with the details. Your project model and professionalism are top-notch.

    Brad Peck Revolutions, Inc.
  • WSM rocks. Very professional, reasonable and qualified. My website was built in a legacy environment – sql 2000, .net 1.1 etc… The application itself is legacy! They got all of that to work in the ‘new environment’. They are also very trustworthy – my database contains approximately 3,000 credit card numbers! I recently had a problem with my website and called them to fix it – they had nothing to do with the problem, but they fixed it for me at a good rate.”

    Anthony Richardson National Gift
  • “We were EXTREMELY pleased with what WSM did for us and the quality of your service. We will probably contact you again in the future.”

    Uday Manandhar Cutter Consortium
  • And, BTW, you guys are good. Assuming the new server is cool, which I have no reason to doubt it will be, I have NEVER had a project this complex go this smoothly before, and I’m in the business…. Well done man.”

    Bryan Ocheltree PartnerPoint
  • “All looks well with Seven Seas. Thank you for all your assistance and everyone at WSM. I will recommend your company to anyone I know that needs to move their website!”

    Crystal Groome The Barge Connection
  • “I really liked the way that your team handled my website move, and would like to talk to you about taking over my website development.”

    Theresa Volkman Theresa Robb
  • I just wanted to take a second and say how extremely happy we have been in our dealings with your company and all of the team has been so helpful and professional, if we had even a fraction of this kind of support and professionalism from our former server company we would not have needed your services, truly a pleasant experience from start to finish.

    Bryan Pinnix PinWall Cycle Parts, Inc.
  • “Thank you very much. Your service is outstanding and the migration was seamless. I will recommend your service!”

    Andrea Pacheco Sand Creek Consultants
  • “You were the best!!! Thank you so much for all that you did for me…..I WILL BE BACK!!!”

    Kirk Voclain Pro4um
  • I enjoyed working with you guys and you really did a good job. I know anything like this is stressful for the client and y’all but in the end I am VERY happy with the site!

    Mr. Solansky MidState Steel
  • “You and your team has been exceptional. Thank YOU for everything you’ve done.”

    Athelia Woolley shabby apple
  • “You guys did a great job. I may be calling again soon to inquire about some of your other services. Stay tuned.”

    John Edwards List After List
  • “We will be using your service again real soon. You all did a great job with your technical knowledge and we will be upgrading our sister website soon.”

    Tony Hersey Projector Discount Store
  • “It looks great! Thanks for the quick and painless move”

    Sandra Rayborn Bamboo Arts Celebration Center
  • Thank you for the quick reponse to my initial email and especially the super fast way in which you took care of moving my site. With just a few days before it disappeared from the previous host’s servers, time was of the essence. I’m used to having to wait from technical service providers, or slog through endless emails to clarify things.

    Judi Perkins Judi Perkins : How to Find the Perfect Job
  • I could not have been more thrilled with my experience. The team was helpful, we experienced next to no downtime, it came within the quoted budget, work was done around the Christmas holiday and all I did was worry. Apparently, even that was unnecessary. I am THRILLED I found You and your team were amazing from start to finish. Thank you!”

    Kevin D. McNeese KM WEB DESIGNS
  • “I want to thank you for your assistance and the professionalism you exhibited. I would consider using your company for other projects in the future.”

    Dan Greenberg Greenberg & Co.
  • I could not have been more thrilled with my experience. The team was helpful, we experienced next to no downtime, it came within the quoted budget, work was done around the Christmas holiday and all I did was worry. Apparently, even that was unnecessary. I am THRILLED I found You and your team were amazing from start to finish. Thank you!

    Bruce Cooperman CopierSupplyStore
  • “Thanks! You’ve been very responsive and easy to work with. I would give you high marks for this if I got a survey about your work.”

    Lance Seymour Meridian Associates
  • “Thank you. All was good with the process. Very smooth.”

    Garth Jordan Vectra Pet
  • “I have had a great experience working with the team. We would like to extend our maintenance plan at the same gold level for three more months, please. Thanks!”

    James Hurla Infoition
  • “Thank you and you staff. Everything is running beautifully. We appreciate all you’ve done.”

    Arl Green Homer Laughlin China Co.
  • “I just sent another (payment) and want to apply it to my ongoing account. The guys are doing a great job!!!”

    Steven Stern Skin Care Heaven
  • “You and your team were great. Dmitry and Sasha did a fantastic job. We’ll have some other projects coming soon and you’ll hear from me again.

    Stephen C. Ale The Ale Group
  • Thank you very much for your assistance throughout this process. You have done everything we have asked in a timely manner as well as maintained great communication. We appreciate your work and effort and it was a pleasure to work with you.

    Oscar Garza Pickup Specialties
  • “Thank you and your team for all the great work you did. You made the migration effortless! We will definitely use WSM again if need be. Thanks again!”

    Elena DiVito The Matthew F. Sheehan Company
  • “Very professional. All in all it was a good experience and saved me a lot of headache worrying about moving this site, thanks for taking care of it!”

    Laura McDonald DynaBytes
  • “…We’ve been very pleased with WSM and their level of service no question… the WSM team have all been very responsive…”

    Jeff Anderton Mass Transit Corp
  • I am very pleased with your work. The new site is faster, and more reliable, and everything works. I would never have used pomo except for your installing it for me. It took a little while to understand how the email should be set up, but that would have been true no matter how I did this.
    I have one more site to migrate, but is is a Windows system, and I am not in a hurry right now, since I have to find a new ISP, too. I am thinking over your offer of continuing support. Aaron was very impressive in his ability to understand how my site worked. “

    Michael Braun Panorama of Russia
  • “The experience was a great one, and we were very happy for’s assistance!”

    Steve Huang For Traders By Traders
  • “Thanks. Your folks did a great job and were a pleasure to work with.”

    Rozann Saaty Creative Decisions Foundation
  • “You guys did a great job. I would certainly recommend your services.”

    Jon Shevelew Kranitz Enterprises
  • We appreciate the courtesy, and will plan to allow the auto-renew of our monthly maintenance plan to extend an additional three months. Please share with your team what a great pleasure it is for us to work with Aaron and Dmitry — their responsiveness and effectiveness is very much appreciated.”

    James Hurla Infoition
  • “Just wanted to say I am really happy so far with WSM and we are looking forward to working with you an many projects as we move our eCommerce sites to Peer 1. Many thanks!”

    Alastair Brodie We Are Cargo
  • As an MSP/and Reseller, I am very excited to identify a new vendor/partner who actually can deliver on what they’ve SOLD! So far in this process, everyone at has been unbelievably responsive, thorough and professional. It’s so refreshing to be working with you on this project, and I hope many more to come in the near future!”

    Christine Coleman ROI Integrated Office Technologies
  • In short, simple words: you were a Godsend. Diana and I were dreading trying to tackle this on our own. Diana is the Marketing Manager here, I am the IT Manager. happened to include info about your company in their ‘welcome’ email. From the moment an actual person answered the phone when we called to ask details about your services, we were sold. Your team did exactly what they said they would without any errors or issues. The email links to your project website were fantastic. Communication was excellent. We are thrilled, and would highly recommend your service to others. Everything was smooth and perfect. Great job! Thank you.”

    Nancy Carlson Froehling Anderson
  • Thank you so much for helping us get so many sites moved to Bluehost! It was so easy to work with your team on this project and everything went so smoothly that if we have any more sites to move in the future you will be the first ones we come to – and of course we will recommend you to everyone! Thanks again. “

    Tania Al-Awar Dogs Fly Design
  • I want to express my appreciation for all you have done this year to make us successful. Please know that without you expertise and service orientedness, we simply would not have accomplished what we did this year.

    Michael Brady R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  • Your team did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!
    You are the best company I ever dealt with.
    I would like to be able to use your company in the future.
    Thank you to your great team.

    Regine Korn Polar Engraving
  • All initial test prove the site brilliantly operational. Your relentless efforts and ingenuity deserve unreserved praise.
    Thank you for addressing my concerns with such grace & professionalism. This successful migration frees my business from the limitations of my former host server and opens up the doors to greater opportunity in 2016 and beyond. Your team has certainly snatched victory from the jaws of adversity not of their making
    To say the least, I am overjoyed. Many times over, thank you all!

    Adam Lange Black Mountain Gallery
  • Throughout the 12 years of running this business, I have had very minimal luck dealing with IT companies in a manner which our firm felt that they acted in our best interest with a high efficiency throughout any process we hired them for.

    For time sake, I will spare you the stories, however it is a high hurdle for many non Fortune 1000 organizations to get the same technology support as large firms.

    After working with Tina and Dima, we felt that WSM is truly a company that goes far beyond for its clients and I just want to thank you for hiring individuals of that caliber.

    Cool. Consider it done.

    Ken Sundheim KAS Placement
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with the WSM International team on various engagements over the last 2 years. These projects range from performing server load tests in order to optimize Linux-based webservers, to providing best practices for content and configuration management across multiple WordPress environments. During each engagement, their knowledgeable technical resources executed activities quickly and efficiently with well-documented activity notes and test results. I sleep better knowing that they are a trusted resource I can turn to for my IT needs.

    Davin Gallego Symbiont Group
  • We are live!!!


    Brian Kennedy CareerLeader
  • We have been very happy with the results of the migration.

    I wanted to thank you for all your assistance throughout this process. Sean was extremely knowledgeable, fast to respond, and made this process much easier and smoother than it would have been on our own.

    Overall we’re extremely happy with the service we received during this process and will be sure to keep you in mind if/when the next situation like this arises within our company.

    Thank you again for all your hard work during this process.

    Peter Clough

The depth and breadth of our technical capability combined with our passion for customer service is what drives WSM. From expert advice, to strategic planning to executing your move, build or support plan, we’ll optimize all the digital assets of your business.

Don’t take our word for it; instead please read what our customers say about WSM. If that sounds like how you want to describe your cloud or server hosting environment and application technical support services partner, we’d love to hear from you.