What Our Customers are Saying

Since 2003, WSM has migrated, developed, secured, enhanced, supported or maintained digital assets for most every type of customer and enterprise – from the boutique blogger to small local business, to Fortune 100 industry giants. Don’t take our word for it; instead please read what our customers say about WSM. If that sounds like how you want to describe your cloud or server hosting environment and application technical support services partner, we’d love to hear from you.

Impressed by Professionalism and Expertise

I appreciate your reaching out to me about the recent work WSM did for Beasley Direct. I was impressed by your firm’s professionalism and expertise and will keep you in mind for similar situations where a client has a need for systems help.

Jay T.
Beasley Direct and Online Marketing

Systems Up and Running

Thank you very much for your support on the migration. All the systems are up and running – Thank you.

Basil T.
Condusiv Technologies

WSM has been a huge help!

First, a huge thank you to you and your team for your assistance over the past few weeks. WSM support and management were clearly experienced, and addressed all my questions rapidly.

Aaron Crootof
ADK Group

You are Remarkable

I just want to close out by thanking you for excellent support all the way and I hope we will work together in the future. I think you are remarkable with your good help and assistance.

Arne F.
Rental Aspen

Delivered at Every Step of the Way

I am writing to thank you so very much for the work performed by your team – specifically my technical lead. In a time where we needed to migrate to a new server in a short period of time, he was instrumental in offering advice on best approach as well as tackling the heavy lifting. I put my full trust in him, and he delivered at every step of the way. Thank you so much!

Eric Etkin
Seisan Consulting, LLC

Valuable and Indispensable Asset

I would expect this is the last time I get to work with you guys. Would it not be for your broad range of assistance, the amount of effort required for this entire ordeal would have been frustrating and cumbersome. The sheer depth and diversity of your combined talent, experience, and expertise with such few members of your team are quantifiable and worth the investment. In closing, I would like to say I’ve been consistently impressed and grateful for the services you have provided for this company. I hold WSM in the highest possible regard and will keep them in mind in all my future endeavors where such a valuable and indispensable asset is required.

Gunnar G.
V-Belt Global Supply

You All are Amazing

Thank you so very much to you and the rest of the team for the help and support. You all are amazing!

Josh W.
Marissa Webb LLC

Would Recommend WSM to Anyone Needing High-End Technical Services

I’d like to compliment your company and primarily your technical staff for a job well done. My company’s migration from many servers too many new servers was a challenge for us, however, it seemed like it was a walk in the park for your technical staff. They are professional, knowledgeable, and most of all courteous. I was really impressed with the service and would recommend your company to anyone needing high-end technical services. You’ll be my first choice without a doubt the next time I need high-end technical services not only because of what I’ve already mentioned but your rates are more than fair. Thank you.

Joey S.

Thrilled and Blown Away

I am so thrilled and blown away with your work. This is going to be so amazing. We are in a fantastic place. Thank you again for your great work.

Matthew C.
Choral Tracks

Plan to Use WSM Again in the Future

Just want to say THANK YOU for helping us out! We plan to use you again in the future. Everything is great and thank you! The process went very smoothly.

Lisa D.
Infinity Medical Marketing

Best Decision I’ve Made

You guys are awesome, the best decision I’ve made with this transition. Thank you so much.

Sharon D.

WSM Provides Solutions and Has a Great Team

It was indeed a pleasure working with you and your team. What I really appreciated about you guys is that you provide solutions, and of course have the right people on the team to provide those solutions. I will always call on you guys whenever I need your professional help.

Fazal B.
Laparkan Trading Limited

Works Like a Charm!

Awesome, thank you. Works like a charm! I very much appreciate your great & quick assistance!!

Michael M.
Configure One

Reiterating Our Appreciation

Just want reiterate our appreciation for the great job your team had done to make this a successful project. I will definitely keep you guys in mind when another project comes up that requires your expertise.

Fidel M.

Will Use Your Services Again

You offer an outstanding service. I’m impressed by the professionalism, your explanation and solution to the problems and your rapidity of intervention. I will surely use your services in the future.

Regine K.
Polar Engraving

Thank you for assisting

On behalf of our whole team here, I’d like to thank you and your team for assisting us with this project.

William M.

New Server is Running Great

It looks like we’re now all set. Our new server is running great and our old server has been decommissioned by Rackspace. Thanks for all your help and support.

Jeff F.

Extremely Pleased with the Support

We were extremely pleased with the support we received. The team was very helpful getting us set up and did a great job managing the project, keeping us informed and answering stupid questions very patiently throughout the process. We work with a lot of different vendors on projects and your team really stood out in terms of excellent support.

Katie P.
Fred Finch Youth Center


Thanks for your coordination and teamwork. I had trouble sleeping worrying about it, but it was flawless! Great job!

Brandon M.
BMaddox Enterprises

Definitely Recommend

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. I will definitely recommend your services.

Davall C.
Fabrique USA

A Great Help

As was the case with a previous migration with WSM, your team has been a great help!

Laine F.
Back in Motion Physiotherapy

I don’t know what we would have done without you

Thank you and your entire team for helping us create such an amazing site. You guys are the absolute best and don’t know what we would have done without you all. If we do need any further help (which we probably will), is there any way that we could work with our technical lead again? He did such a great job with helping us out whenever we needed something. Again, thank you all so much for everything!

Katerina K.
Endless Designs

Professional and Thorough

Thank you for your very professional and thorough assistance with the migration.

Tonio C.
E-Z Biz

All the Folks Quite Helpful

All the folks we worked with have been quite helpful in making this migration happen.

Bryan F.

Wonderful Experience

We appreciate all your hard work! It has been a wonderful experience working with your team to migrate the website! Everything is working wonderfully!

Tony B.
Logan Outdoor

I Don’t Have to Go Bald-Headed

You don’t know how much I thank you. Now I do not have to go bald-headed. This stuff gives me the blues. I really appreciate your help.

Lucille S.

Good Relationship to Have

We think we have everything you can provide and thanks for your willingness to engage so quickly when we needed it. Hopefully, we won’t need you again under the same circumstances but it is nice to have a relationship with a firm that possesses your assets.

Jeff R.
Accord LMS

Great service on WordPress Extranet Project

I am amazed at the prompt/efficient customer service by WSM that I have received thus far. Soon we are going to dig into revamping our old, huge HTML Intranet and create a WordPress Extranet. WSM has gained my confidence in that I feel our project will be a success; not only alleviating any ‘technical’ issues from my plate, but allowing the whole company to access our compliant, secure, and responsive site from any device. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with this company.

Guest Services, Inc.

Awesome Service, Superb Partner

Now that’s what I call awesome service from a superb technical partner. Thank you so much.

Laura B.
Industrial Press

Looking Forward to the Day I Can Recommend You

Your company was right there when I needed the help. Please thank everyone involved. I have only good things to say about you and I look forward to the day I can recommend you.

Bob T.
Mindifi, LLC

Everything Running Smoothly

Thank you for following up. Everything is running smoothly now and we truly appreciate your hard work and efforts to get this site online.

Erin G.
First Aid Beauty

A Great Help

I’m happy to say that the project has met my expectations, and I would certainly use WSM again in the future. You’ve all been a great help. Thank you.

Rick I.

Smoothest Transition I’ve Ever Experienced

It looks like the migration was a total success and by far the smoothest transition I have ever experienced. I will keep you guys on my list and recommend your services to everyone I know.

Ana Maria M.
Candida Plan

Everything Went Smoothly

I think everything went very smoothly. Thanks to your team for assisting with the migration.

Roland T.
Above the Fold

No one comes close to WSM

WSM has always been a most helpful resource for our needs with nothing but professionalism from your staff. I’ve been at this for 10+ years with various other services and can tell you no one comes close to the responsiveness and technical expertise that WSM has!

Jay B.

Orders Have Almost Doubled

Good deal. Everything is running great! I love the new checkout page with all of the features. My orders have almost doubled on a weekly basis. I think because everything is finally working as it should.

Frank Avinger
Avtec Dental

Project Went Very Smoothly

Thanks for all the help with our server migration – the project went very smoothly and we’re very happy with WSM’s service.

Tim G.
Mass Metal

Amazingly Smooth, High Level of Professionalism

This entire experience has been amazingly smooth and I am grateful for the high level of professionalism demonstrated by your company.

Jonathon G.

Good Work in Minimal Time

We appreciate all the efforts of WSM. The team did a lot of really good work in the minimal amount of time. The cut-over, while not without a minor glitch or two, was done in reasonable time and all seems now to be running off the new VMs just fine. It’s good to have it finished, but it was also an excellent learning experience.

Garth K.
Deep Target

A Trusted Resource for IT Needs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the WSM International team on various engagements over the last 2 years. These projects range from performing server load tests in order to optimize Linux-based webservers, to providing best practices for content and configuration management across multiple WordPress environments. During each engagement, their knowledgeable technical resources executed activities quickly and efficiently with well-documented activity notes and test results. I sleep better knowing that they are a trusted resource I can turn to for my IT needs.

Davin G.
Symbiont Group LLC

Migration is Successful Thanks to WSM

This migration is complete and successful, thanks to you. Our clients have been diverted to the new server and all looks good. We would like to thank you for a job well done.

Ghayth H.
C2 Investment Group

Everything is Running Smoothly

I wanted to say thank you for your help with the server migration. All processes on the new server have been up and running for the last couple of hours and everything is running smoothly.

Sean C.
AEC Information Systems, Inc.

You Saved Us Headaches

Everything looks perfect. Thank you to all of you for the great execution of our site move. You definitely saved us a lot of headaches.

Jason R.

A True Blessing – Seeing Good Sales and ROI

Your help nd work on the site has enabled us to see good sales and ROI using Adwords on this new store, mostly due to the page load time improvements via CDN and one-page checkout config. We’re just a small family business so these sales go to my payroll and actually feed/cloth my wife and two young daughters. I just wanted to thank you WSM for helping me do that for my family. You guys have been a true blessing and I’m glad I found you.

Aaron W.
Enqode Inc.

Appreciate Your Efforts

Thank you for addressing this so quickly. I really appreciate all of your efforts and your professionalism throughout this entire project. Truly, it is a pleasure to work with you and your entire team at WSM!

Jon U.
Occam Health Services

Interested in Future Engagement

We’ve had a great experience with using WSM so far so we are very interested in using you guys in the future!

Breanna R.

Successfully Made It Live

We are live! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS WORK AND HELP!!!! Once fully propagated we will do a final regression test, but as of now, I think we have successfully made it.

Brian K.

Professional, Friendly, Helpful

Overall, I was very satisfied. The WSM team was professional, friendly, and helpful. I have already recommended you guys to someone else who needs to migrate a website.

Tara F.
Holding Traffic Network

Your Firm was Great to Work With

I think we are good for the time being, but if we ever have needs in the future, your firm was great to work with and we won’t hesitate to reach out.

Casey B.
Blue Sky Pest Control