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WSM Becomes AWS Solution Provider

We are pleased to announce our new status as an authorized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider.  By participating in the AWS Solution Provider program, we are able to create additional value for our clients by combining billing support with advisory and migration services.

AWS Solution Provider participants include systems integrators, managed service providers, value-added resellers, and public sector partners that are already AWS Consulting Partners and resell AWS Services to end customers as part of a differentiated solution. Authorized Solution Providers manage, service, support, and bill AWS accounts for end customers. The program has flexible contracting options to help us meet the unique needs of each end customer.

To become a Solution Provider, certain prerequisites must be met, including billing level, customer references, professional and technical accreditations, and certified staff count.

In January, we announced our AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status, and we look forward to continuing to grow our AWS practice!



May 17th, 2018|

WSM International Achieves Advanced Tier in Amazon Web Services Partner Network

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich., January 9, 2018 – WSM International, a leader in cloud adoption and migration services, has achieved the Advanced status in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN)  by meeting or surpassing requirements with more than 40 certifications, significant business related to AWS and customer references demonstrating satisfaction.

“This acknowledges the investment we’ve made and the expertise that our people bring to our customers looking to move to AWS, as well as those seeking to optimize workloads that are already running on AWS,” said Ryan Pelerin, CEO of WSM. “In 2017, we saw a huge spike in requests for help with migration to AWS and we expect that the interest in AWS will grow even faster in 2018. Achieving the Advanced level is not an end for us as we will continue our efforts to further develop and expand our skills to best serve our customers on AWS.”

As a Consulting APN Partner, WSM is part of the network of professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. The Advanced status recognizes partners that have invested significantly in their AWS practice, have extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS, have a strong bench of trained and certified technical consultants, provide expertise in project management and have built a healthy revenue-generating consulting business on AWS.

WSM has successfully completed client projects involving hundreds of workloads, such as migrations from on-premises data centers to AWS cloud computing resources, as well as optimizing workloads to run on AWS.

As one example of a successful customer engagement, a major video game development company whose online games are used by over 10 million end-users, had an expensive, under-utilized server dedicated to the Latin American region for one of its most popular games. Over a three-month period, WSM migrated and completely overhauled server infrastructure using SaltStack, along with Amazon Redshift, Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon ElastiCache. The result is an optimized, flexible auto-scaling server, more reliable connection speeds for gamers and a total cost of ownership (TCO) decreased by 35 percent. The gaming company was able to re-allocate those funds to expand its user base.

About WSM International
WSM International ( is a specialized services and solutions integrator with a core focus on cloud adoption and migration, transformation and DevOps services. WSM created the specialized migration services category in 2003, and today is one of the largest specialized migration services providers in the world.

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January 9th, 2018|

WSM Launches Service to Help Companies Right Size their Hosted Infrastructure and Save Money

CLAIR SHORES, Mich., October 24, 2017 – WSM International, the leader in cloud and server migration services, has launched a new service, Environment Evaluation, to help organizations determine if their hosted computing infrastructure is properly sized for current and future needs.

IT systems examined during the evaluation process can include hardware, software, database, networking or any other technical aspect of the hosted environment. The resulting report will tell the customer if systems are underperforming and/or if their organization is overpaying for resources they’ll never fully use.

The WSM Environment Evaluation includes:

  • An inventory of the current programs, services, and applications running in the environment
  • Details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage
  • Security, Performance, and Transformation recommendations, if applicable
  • Competitive cost analysis of up to four hosting providers
  • WSM migration recommendations and estimate
  • Potential cost savings calculation

“Since 2003, WSM has completed thousands of migrations and when we are involved in advising on best practices from the start of the project, we make sure that the customer migrates to the correctly-sized environment,” said Ryan Pelerin, CEO of WSM. “But this isn’t always the case. As many as half of all migrations don’t move to a properly sized environment. Many organizations just move their IT systems with little or no thought as to whether or not their current or planned configuration makes technical or economic sense. With our Environment Evaluation service, we are automating more than 14 years of WSM migration expertise to ensure that the new hosted infrastructure makes economic, technical and operational sense before making the actual move. In our experience, we’ve helped organizations reduce their hosting costs by more than 50 percent.”

For additional information, including how to get your free evaluation, go to:

About WSM International
WSM International ( is a specialized services and solutions integrator with a core focus on cloud and server migration, transformation, and DevOps services. WSM created the specialized migration services category in 2003, and today is one of the largest specialized migration services providers in the world.

October 24th, 2017|

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