Enterprise security: as strong as its weakest point

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We live in an increasingly connected world. Big data, mobile workers, hyper-connected networks and more are expanding the potential attack surface and putting organizations and people at risk. As digital transformation continues to take off, enterprise security should be top of mind. Integrating security into each part of your digital transformation strategy and creating an offensive strategy can mean the difference between safety and disaster. WSM collaborates with enterprises to integrate security into their automation, development, and cloud adoption projects. Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. We can help you pinpoint, document, and remediate your security flaws, prevent cybersecurity attacks, and maintain compliance before, during, and after your digital transformation project.

Enterprise security: Not a digital transformation afterthought

Enterprise security should be a part of your overall digital transformation strategy. When adopting the cloud or implementing a DevOps program, security should be a component of your action plan. WSM provides ways to integrate security into your migration, DevOps, or development projects, or as part of ongoing efforts. Unlike other companies, as part of your digital transformation project, we’re able to not only identify your security vulnerabilities but also can tactically engage to address them.

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of businesses haven’t performed a security scan or audit within 24 months of a migration. – WSM
of companies experienced one or more cyberattacks that compromised data and/or IT infrastructure in 2017 – Ponemon Institute

Case Study: Hostway

Learn more about how WSM helped Hostway with PCI compliance.

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AWS Security Best Practices

Migrating to an AWS infrastructure? Time to start thinking about AWS security best practices. Securing your new AWS infrastructure does not fall on the IaaS provider, but on your organization as well. To avoid risk in the cloud, keep in mind some AWS security best practices before you make the move. The below list is not at all exhaustive but meant to get you started.

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Hot Trend: Managed Security Services

A recent CSO magazine article, 8 hot cybersecurity trends (and 4 going cold), includes advice from security pros, including our own CTO, Jeremy Steinert.