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Your business depends on the security, availability, and performance of your cloud environment. Get the most out of your investment in the cloud with Fully Managed Cloud Services from WSM. Our team of certified experts will manage your public cloud environment and will ensure an optimized infrastructure. As part of our Fully Managed Cloud Service plans, we provide access to our entire WSM suite of professional services on-demand. Best of all, compared to other managed service providers, our monthly management fee is much more cost-effective, our upon consumption billing ensures that you only pay for the services you use, and we support past the operating system and through each application on-demand. Why not pay for managed cloud services the same way you pay for cloud services, based upon consumption, not just in case you need them?

Fully Managed Cloud Services Plans Include:

Access to the Entire WSM Suite of Services and Solutions

Our Fully Managed Cloud Services plans can be layered on top of your existing managed or unmanaged hosted infrastructure and applications.  You’ll have access to our entire suite of services and solutions, including, but not limited to:

Why Fully Managed Cloud Services?

For most businesses, engaging a fully managed cloud service provider like WSM just makes good business sense. Get everything your business needs to flourish in the cloud without the hefty price tag of other providers.

  • Reduce network maintenance costs and the expense of having full-time resources

  • Predictable recurring monthly costs and an upon consumption payment model saves your business money

  • Access to the latest and greatest technology with certified, experienced engineers at your disposal

  • 24/7/365 monitoring, alerts and incident management help you rest assured that your infrastructure (and business) are safe and sound

Fully Managed Cloud Services Provider Praise

“Everything is better than it ever was! We are very excited about what a wonderful job all of you did. Thank you so very much.”

Debbie F., Winsby, Inc.

“I am so thrilled and blown away with your work. This is going to be so amazing. We are in a fantastic place. I will be in touch soon with some questions, thoughts, and additional work requests. Thank you again for your great work.”

Matthew C., Choral Tracks

“You guys are awesome, the best decision I’ve made with this transition. Thank you so much. I am looking into the other services that WSM offers.”

GreenBook, Sharon D.

AWS Managed Services

Why not pay for AWS Managed Services the same way you pay for cloud services, pay-as-you-go, not just in case you need them? Investing in the cloud can come with many business benefits. To reap those benefits, you need to properly manage your cloud environment.  AWS Managed Services from WSM will fully manage your AWS environment so you get the most out of your investment. In addition to cloud management, as part of our AWS Managed Services plans, we provide access to our entire WSM suite of professional services on-demand.

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