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Our provider-agnostic approach puts the customers at the center of our process. We’re not a hosting provider or reseller, so our motivation rests solely in architecting and proposing the best hosting environment, solution, or service provider for your business.

Managed Dedicated/Private Cloud Hosting

For many businesses, fully-managed hosting delivers a turnkey hosting environment for managing the servers that power their websites, workloads, and data services. WSM managed hosting partners provide superior service, performance and economy. When combined with WSM support, they deliver a comprehensive ‘server-to-browser’ solution that allows our customers to focus on their business and leave the servers to the experts.

Unmanaged Dedicated/Private Cloud Hosting

For some applications and workloads, dedicated servers, or private cloud environments remain the most viable, economical, and stable hosting environment option to ensure the highest level of performance, security, and control. WSM server migration and configuration experts will identify where dedicated servers are your most sensible solution and can integrate a fully-dedicated environment for you on any OS and for any application, workload, or data service.  WSM can also optionally provide fully managed, or on-demand managed services to support your unmanaged infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

Today, public cloud hosting is a popular option for businesses of all sizes. Cloud hosting allows you to scale and consume services on demand, as well as pay only for what you use, making it attractive for businesses handling usage spikes. In addition, cloud hosting is very customizable and downtime almost unheard of. WSM supports all cloud environments and cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our portfolio of cloud migration software partners coupled with WSM’s cloud consultants, architects, DevOps engineers, and technology solution alliances ensure that your new cloud environment will be secure, scalable, and tuned for performance as well as cost savings. Additionally, WSM offers fully managed public cloud services for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Shared or Reseller Hosting

Best suited for budget-conscious SMBs and web business service providers, shared or reseller hosting offers a solution for websites, email, and other basic business applications. WSM has forged alliances with some of the best shared and budget hosting providers in the industry, and can align your small business with a cost-effective provider and hosting plan that will support your business as it grows.

Data Center and Colocation Hosting

For large, multi-server global enterprises, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and Big Data hosting needs, Data Centers and co-lo facilities are a necessary capital investment. Also useful for DR and Failover environments, the security and dedicated, proprietary nature of this infrastructure requires expert IT staff and resources to operate and manage. WSM’s design-to-suit model coupled with our server management and DevOps capabilities saves you money on staff and operations.

Hybrid Hosting

Combining the scalability, elasticity, economy, and performance of cloud hosting with the power, security, and control of dedicated servers provides the most robust and flexible hosting environment available to any business. Run literally any website, enterprise application or workload without limits. WSM hosting architects are experts in identifying, configuring, and optimizing hybrid hosting environments for a superior hosting footprint.

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