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Most small to mid-sized businesses do not take a proactive approach to security.  We see it every day and know this to be true due to the many organizations that reach out to us after a compromise for remediation and the projects we engage on where we identify a hacked server or application. Taking a proactive approach to security is much more cost-effective than having to remediate following a security lapse. Ensure security for popular open-source platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and Magento, or any other open source or custom website or application you have. WSM will assess both Windows and Linux servers at any public cloud or traditional host. After completing your vulnerability assessment, we can optionally provide hardening and remediation services to address the vulnerabilities found in your report.

of hackers are targeting small businesses according to Symantec.
of businesses haven’t performed a security scan or audit within 24 months of a migration.
of companies experienced one or more cyber attacks that compromised data and/or IT infrastructure in 2017.

Why Perform a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment differs from a penetration test because a vulnerability assessment identifies issues but does not go as far as to validate or exploit the issues. On the other hand, a penetration test simulates a controlled attack. Vulnerability assessments are typically performed when a significant change is made to your environment or on a quarterly basis to ensure issues haven’t gone unnoticed throughout upgrades, patches, or other changes.

WSM Vulnerability Assessment

  • Guaranteed completion within 5 business days from server access
  • Priced by server and website
  • Includes one website Nessus security scan. Additional website scans can be purchased.
  • Documented results report with security risk rating, potential vulnerabilities, and recommended action to prevent compromise