Migration Methodology

Architecture Planning

WSM’s architects and migration engineers are available to discuss technical requirements related to high availability, scalability or elasticity in your new cloud, physical or hybrid architecture. WSM has the knowledge and experience with the unique auto-scaling options that work best for most cloud providers in the industry today.

Migration Planning

It is a prerequisite to determining how a migration project will flow. WSM can work with your team to identify these workload / server interdependencies or perform a Pre-migration Assessment to discover which application / server interdependencies exist, and provide graphical illustrations of those interdependencies.

Migration Execution

Your WSM project manager will work with you to coordinate execution of the Enterprise Migration Plan. Through seamless communication and scheduled meetings your team will stay up-to-date on the status of the each phase of the overall migration project.

Pre Go-Live Options

Oftentimes, migration projects involve operating system upgrades, architectural changes, or related changes that may impact the performance of your workloads. WSM’s Load Testing services can be executed before your workloads are Live in your new cloud, physical or hybrid environment.


Leading up to the Go-Live event WSM’s engineers will prepare go-live scripts, for example, to address connection strings changes, activation of cron jobs or scheduled tasks, etc. WSM will also be lowering TTL values on any domains that will be pointed to the new environment as part of the Go-Live event to ensure timely DNS propagation.