Enterprise Architecture Planning

  • High-Availability

  • Auto-scaling

  • Manual Expansion

WSM’s architects and migration engineers are available to discuss technical requirements related to high availability, scalability or elasticity in your new cloud, physical or hybrid architecture; for example the deployment and use of auto-scaling tools. WSM has the knowledge and experience with the unique auto-scaling options that work best for most cloud providers in the industry today.

Not ready for auto-scaling today?
WSM can work with you to prepare a plan for future expansion of your environment

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Replication

  • Architecture

Beyond ensuring that your organization has full backup services setup and running at your new hosted environment, many customers require full disaster recovery plans and fail-over environments. WSM can assist with the architecture of fail-over environments, including initial deployment, replication and fail-over procedures.

Don’t let budgetary concerns put your environment at risk. WSM can work with you to determine options that mitigate the ongoing costs of your Disaster Recovery / Fail-Over architecture.

Destination Server Architecture

WSM can prepare the architecture planning documentation and obtain proposals on your behalf from several hosting services providers under consideration.

Need a second opinion? Many of our clients have already performed architecture planning sessions with a new hosting provider prior to engaging with WSM. WSM can review and make recommendations on your proposed destination server architecture.