Enterprise Migration Planning


Determining workload server interdependencies is a critical piece of the enterprise migration plan. It is a prerequisite to determining how a migration project will flow. WSM understands that over time, as the server environment changes, oftentimes documentation of those changes has not kept pace.

WSM can work with your team to identify these workload / server interdependencies or perform a Pre-migration Assessment to discover which application / server interdependencies exist, and provide graphical illustrations of those interdependencies.

Once the high-level overview is created of your existing workload’s operations relative to the servers with which they are associated, WSM will prepare and provide recommendations for a phased migration. The Migration Plan includes a break out for each phase by application / workload and servers requiring migration to the cloud.

Go-Live Cut-Over

The “Go-Live” event is one of the most critical pieces of the migration project. WSM’s migration engineers and consultants will discuss the Go-Live options and strategy that best fit your business goals and objectives as part of the over-all Enterprise Migration Planning.


WSM will prepare Rollback options as a failsafe to mitigate risk, such as setting up independent database servers for data replication to the old environment to ensure data integrity.