Proof of Concept Cloud Migration

Save time and money  

When undertaking a cloud migration and transformation of your mission-critical servers, applications and workloads, you need assurance the migration will be successful. A Proof of Concept (POC) migration is the most effective method to validate your cloud migration and enterprise cloud adoption.

Many migration providers or consulting firms charge a hefty fee to spend countless resources over several months performing mostly unnecessary application audits, crafting hypothetical migration scenarios, documenting contingency plans and analyzing migration dependencies to try and determine if your workloads and digital assets can move to the cloud

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Instead of engaging in an unnecessarily complex, elongated and unreasonably expensive discovery process, we actually migrate your workloads and applications to a real cloud environment where testing for coding issues, compatibility and more can take place in real-time.

Once these potential bottlenecks and errors are identified, WSM can resolve them for you, or coordinate resolutions with your internal IT and development team.

Then, after WSM ensures your new cloud environment is hardened and DR is implemented, we’ll take your destination environment live with confidence — often completing your entire cloud migration in less time and expense before the competition can finish the POC.

We have honed our proof of concept cloud migration process to be the most complete, efficient and cost-effective solution — period.