Back Office Servers

A server migration of any scope  

A server migration of any scope — let alone enterprise workloads or legacy applications hosted on dedicated physical servers — requires both server migration preparation and the capability to leverage the right automated migration tool when plausible.

Migrate back-office operations

quickly & efficiently

Migrating back office services and servers including Active Directory, Domain Controllers and more presents a unique challenge that must address the need to maintain continuity of critical business operations.

If your organization is planning to upgrade servers, migrate critical services from in-house data centers to remote data-centers, or transform to a hybrid or complete cloud-based environment — WSM is the your solution.

At WSM, our migration specialists are highly skilled in seamlessly executing back office server migrations and cloud transformations.

WSM business server migration specialists will assess your live server environment and craft a migration plan that meets your unique business needs, then efficiently and cost-effectively execute your migration using the latest migration tools, technologies and best practices to ensure the success of your migration.

WSM back office server expertise includes:  

and more...