Load Testing

Load Testing Services

are designed to answer two basic questions:

How many simultaneous users can a website or application handle before failure?
What can be done to accommodate more users simultaneously with reasonable response times?

Why Perform Load Testing?

1Users Love Fast Websites

The digital world moves too fast to wait on sites to load.

If your business relies on your websites, you risk immeasurable revenue loss by not improving site speed and page load times. Don’t know where to start or what the bottlenecks are?

Find out how fast your site or application is, and how it compares to other sites in similar industries and categories. Create a better user experience for your site visitors.

2Faster Websites Attract More Revenue

Is improving site speed really worth it? Indeed it is. Just look at the numbers.

Shopzilla load testing practices helped them reduce page load time from a high of 6-9 seconds to as low as 1.2 seconds, resulting in dramatic reduction in bounce rates and revenue gain for their business.

3Tested Equals Reliable

When launching a new website or application which has never undergone load testing, it’s impossible to know whether even a small amount of simultaneous user actions will lead to failure. Why risk the adverse impact of a poor performing site launch, potentially causing irrevocable harm to your business?

Perform a load test and find out what your software and hardware limits are, and resolve any bottlenecks before launching.

4Be Prepared For Sudden Popularity

Company exposure, social presence and marketing efforts will lead potential customers to your site. How many users can your website handle?

It’s best to prepare in advance, and perform load testing before launching your promotional live event, TV commercial, or Adwords placement, to find out what vulnerabilities exist and get a cost-effective solution to prepare for an increase in site traffic.

Why Choose WSM?

WSM does test analysis and outputs a simple, easy-to-understand report with clear, comprehensive information about how many users a site or application can handle. In addition, and what separates WSM from many other providers, is our ability to make recommendations for improved performance and implement those recommendations to achieve faster site and application load times, or increase the amount of concurrent users your site or application is able to handle.

Download sample report*

*Advanced Load Test Sample Report


Most load testing companies offer DIY software as a service. In these scenarios, the end-user will need to prepare the site or application, and finally compose and execute a test.


WSM performs all preparations and discovery for our customers, and simply provides answers to the main load testing questions in a simple, yet comprehensive report.

DIY Saas vs WSM  

DIY SaaS Load Testing

Do-it-yourself software as a service is a good choice when:

  • You understand how to perform the test on your own, and most importantly, how to interpret and act on the results
  • You have the time to invest in the setup, testing and analysis
  • You know how to prepare your site for load testing
  • You know the difference between nodes and grids
  • You know terms like weighting and step time, why you need min and max pausing, how to set up a load testing scenario

WSM Load Testing

WSM specialists are the right solution because we:

  • Have performed hundreds of load tests
  • Can customize the test for your site’s specific needs
  • Know how to prepare any site for load testing
  • Know all the inner workings of servers and site characteristics
  • Will develop a testing plan and set up all the intricacies and characteristics of the testing software for you

It’s important to understand what WSM’s plans include, and can verify that the website or application that requires load testing satisfies these criteria:

Service Levels and Pricing Options
Load testing plans as low as
  • The website/application doesn’t require a test deeper than 5 pages
  • A testing plan is already in place
  • Changes to the site or application are not required to facilitate the test
  • No ajax or async requests require testing
  • There are no web forms which need to be pre-populated with content

Custom quote request

If our basic and advanced load test plans don’t meet your needs, additional changes to your site are needed to facilitate the test, or you need help creating a test plan – contact WSM for a custom quote.

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Enterprise Business Load Testing Services

WSM provides highly customized enterprise-level load testing services. Contact WSM today to find out more about our customized load testing options.

WSM Enterprise Load Testing