Penetration testing

Find your weaknesses, Before they become disasters.

Your clients and reputation stand on the security of your company, applications, servers, and network. Penetration testing shouldn’t be an afterthought.

WSM offers a comprehensive array of penetration testing backed by our history of excellence in digital and cloud infrastructures. WSM can perform high-level analyses to uncover leaks and vulnerabilities, and actionable insights and mitigation solutions. WSM can perform penetration testing with a specific compliance standard in mind, or perform a general penetration test to ensure security in your environment.

Unlike most organizations that perform penetration testing, WSM will not only identify the vulnerabilities, but our experienced team of administrations, developers and engineers can optionally address the vulnerabilities.

A thorough assessment. Expert. Compliant. Reputable.


WSM’s Intensive Penetration Testing

Identify and Analyze

  • NMAP high level analyses
  • Metasploit Pro identification and documentation of exploits

Systems’ accessible services are mapped to find vulnerabilities. Passive traffic analyses, DNS, LDAP queries, Burp Security Suite, API scans, among other techniques engineered by our security experts.

Protect your data.
Remove the backdoors just waiting to be exploited.
Save and allocate misused resources.
System, software and application inefficiencies identified.
Stronger defenses.
Encryption examined and improved to do what they’re supposed to.

Help With Penetration Testing  

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External network
Web Servers (Website)
Email Servers
Public Facing Servers
VPN, IP Sec End Points
Modems, Routers, Switches, & Other Network Hardware
Online Services, Applications (Facebook, etc.)
RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

Internal network
Mobile Devices
Routers, Switches, & Other Network Hardware
Custom Medical Devices & Appliances (IoT)
VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
Any & All Devices: Printers, Scanners, Fax, etc.

Vulnerability assessments
Deeper, manual testing
Human intelligence as opposed to scanner intelligence
By engineers, not scanners
Attack patterns
Threat identification

Application security
Identify the vulnerabilities in your:
Web applications
Mobile applications
Cloud applications
Programming errors
Resource management
Component interactions

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Expert mitigation

With WSM’s background in infrastructure architecture and security, we put forward solutions alongside your pen test reports.

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