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Amazon Web Services helps thousands of businesses like yours expand and optimize their work everyday. Global reach. Unlimited data storage and maintenance. Speedy and responsive pages and tools without the worry for capacity. You should adopt these benefits.

So join everyone else enjoying the perks of AWS. It’s that easy. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Our global leadership in server migrations means a smooth and flawless design and architecture planning, build, migration and maintenance and management of your digital environment on the AWS cloud.

Since 2003, WSM has migrated more websites, workloads, applications and servers than all other migration providers combined. You’re in good hands.

Every migration to the cloud comes with its own unique challenges but we guarantee success. This is our commitment to you.

Get the most out of AWS. Add value for your business.

Our experts can manage and navigate the cloud’s complex infrastructure, security, and upkeep to optimize everything for you.

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We not only lead the migration industry, we invented it. Our experts can identify and seamlessly migrate workloads that are most suitable for the AWS.

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We have the tools and techniques, executed only by certified experts, to safeguard your AWS environment.

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Infrastructure expertly done and seamlessly deployed. Automation designed to fit your DevOps strategy.

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Get the most out of your new cloud infrastructure, layer on WSM’s 24/7/365 server to browser maintenance.

AWS Cloud Migration Results

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and highly competitive. Gamers demand excellent graphics, magnetic stories, and most important of all, a smooth User Experience. Companies need to provide that without high price tags and without crashing with their development, production and marketing costs.

A major video game development company, whose online games were used by over 10 million end-users, had an expensive, under-utilized server dedicated for the Latin American region of one of their most popular games. Over a three-month period, WSM handled migration and completely overhauled server infrastructure using AWS Redshift, SaltStack, EC2, S3, and Elasticache.

The result? A flexible, auto-scaling server, optimized, more reliable connection speeds for their gamers, and a TCO (total cost of ownership) reduced by 35%. The gaming company was able to repurpose that money to expand their user base.

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“Amazon Web Services is the leading provider of cloud computing infrastructure and is a dependable, cost-effective solution for companies looking to take their operations to the next level with the cloud. We work with Amazon Web Services to provide dynamic value for our customers and ensure an efficient, seamless transition to the AWS cloud.”

- WSM Founder and COO Ryan Pelerin.

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