Project Description

About TwinMed

TwinMed is one the largest full-line medical supply distributors in the US. Nursing homes and hospitals choose TwinMed due to their ability to generate a minimum savings of 20 percent over the competition.

The Background

TwinMed previously hosted six EC2 Classic instances at AWS, in addition to leveraging two physical database servers as a US-based managed hosting provider for both MySQL and MSSQL databases.

The Challenge

TwinMed desired an upgrade and migration of their existing six EC2 Classic instances to utilize VPC Networking and migration of their databases from physical servers to the cloud at AWS.

The Solution

WSM provided a hybrid migration plan to perform a lift and shift migration for the existing EC2 Classic instances. With a requirement of less than 30 minutes of downtime during the initial migration for each instance, WSM leveraged AWS Snapshots to clone the servers and brought them online, moved the IPs, and validated functionality post go-live.

WSM performed a manual migration and transformation path for the physical database’s servers, keeping MySQL running on a cloud server and leveraging RDS for MSSQL to meet the downtime requirement.

The Results

  • Consolidated and upgraded a fully cloud-native environment at AWS
  • Scalable environment configured to better meet the traffic needs of TwinMed
  • Less than 60 minutes of downtime required to take the environment into production