Responsive, robust, and flexible website maintenance

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Your IT team is busy maintaining the day-to-day operations of your business. WSM can provide the support you need, when you need it, without the additional expense of hiring full-time employees. Our monthly support plan is an affordable, flexible and customizable to your website maintenance needs. Designed to help with large projects, to provide additional expertise, or to handle complex issues or troubleshooting, the monthly support plan is great for businesses who have ongoing requests for technical support and prefer the ease of knowing that we’re here when you need us, but the hours may vary month-to-month.

Access to the Entire WSM Suite of Services and Solutions

The WSM Maintenance Retainer Plan gives you access to our team of engineers, developers, and designers who can assist with server maintenance, security and patching requests, as well as content updates, website development, or design requests.

  • Website and custom application development

  • Version upgrades and patches

  • Plug-ins and module integration

  • Custom programming

  • Load testing, performance tuning and optimization

  • Application and hosting infrastructure consultation, architecture, and implementation

  • Email deliverability optimization

  • And more

New! Stay Secure with Quarterly Health Check — Now Included in Support and Maintenance Plans

Now WSM’s support and maintenance plans are more robust than ever! Security continues to weigh on the minds of our customers, so we have introduced a Quarterly Health Check into our support and maintenance plans to ensure your environment is secure and stays secure. The health check includes up to one hour per quarter to review one server.  WSM will present the results, including recommendations before coordinating the needed updates.

Quarterly Health Check Includes:

  • Replication spot check

  • Security patches that need to be applied

  • Version upgrades needed

  • Passwords that need to be reset

  • Other / Optional Reviews

What Clients Say

“Everything is better than it ever was! We are very excited about what a wonderful job all of you did. Thank you so very much.”

Debbie F., Winsby, Inc.

“I am so thrilled and blown away with your work. This is going to be so amazing. We are in a fantastic place. I will be in touch soon with some questions, thoughts, and additional work requests. Thank you again for your great work.”

Matthew C., Choral Tracks

“You guys are awesome, the best decision I’ve made with this transition. Thank you so much. I am looking into the other services that WSM offers.”

GreenBook, Sharon D.