A basic website and/or application is good for small businesses. But as your small business grows, a one-time deployment of simple applications and/or websites won’t be enough. You’ll need a system in place to run everything from back office, to front-end, client facing applications and websites.

That’s where DevOps comes in. WSM has put together some fast facts about what DevOps could and SHOULD do for your business.

“DevOps, simply put, is optimization for your IT and software development teams. It makes everything more effective in driving results toward your goals.” – Ryan Pelerin, WSM

DevOps Fast Facts:

What’s DevOps? It’s collaboration and culture backed by the tools and automation needed to be agile and scalable.

diagram-depopsWSM DevOps delivers a perfect blend of automation, efficiency, security and maintainability to virtually all application, workload and server environments. Bridge the gap between IT operations and development, enabling seamless collaboration and agile development to bring your applications to production faster and more predictably.

Here’s our succinct summary:

What’s in it for me? Your organization and your customers would benefit from the faster delivery of software and security updates that result from DevOps.

How do I do it? Implementing DevOps takes a major corporate culture shift. The good news is that WSM will be there to walk you through each and every step, with a gradual process of implementation with as little disruption as possible for your employees and your customers.

Is it worth that trouble? Yes. The benefits make the gradual adoption worth it.

Who else does it? Amazon, Adobe, Walmart, among other big companies. Your competitor, probably. With roots that trace back to 1993 – it isn’t a new thing. However, the term DevOps wasn’t coined until 2009.

What happens when it’s in place? Agile Development. Continuous Integration. Release Orchestration. “Left Shift” of Security (where security practices are implemented upstream in the development process). In layman’s terms: Teamwork. Speedy results. Better security.

Your system operations and software development teams cease being individuals with their own circles, and smoothly become one team that works together in a unified system to achieve goals.

Because of the unified environment, every operation becomes more efficient, faster!

And efficient teamwork and automation brings to light bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the systems earlier, resulting in better performance and security.

Talk to us about how we can implement DevOps or help improve operations for your organization.

About WSM International

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