CLAIR SHORES, Mich., August 7, 2017 – WSM International, a specialized cloud and IT integrator, introduces two new services to ensure cloud and IT infrastructure security, compliance and efficient operation:

  • Penetration testing services to assess IT security vulnerabilities and help protect data;
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance testing service.

Both services address the top security concerns found in the recent user survey by 451 Research: preventing infiltration of enterprise IT systems by those with malicious intent; and complying with security standards.

“There are two big differences in what we provide – one, these services are performed by engineers not automated software bots, and two, we go beyond delivering a report to recommend and, if desired, implement solutions to address the shortcomings we find,” said Ryan Pelerin, CEO of WSM. “By delivering these services, we are helping to address the industry issue related to scarcity of skills for improving IT security.”

The 451 Research report, “Information Security Trends,” showed staffing for information security was one of the top pain points for enterprise technology and IT professionals.

To begin penetration testing, WSM performs a risk assessment to understand what vulnerabilities might exist, then evaluates the risk of potential damage from a vulnerability. To finish, WSM mitigates the vulnerability. Along the way, WSM provides detailed information for each vulnerability uncovered, including suggested remediation or mitigation steps for sufficient and strong security controls.

“Simply put, we perform threat detection, investigation to identify potential problems and then address what it will take to remediate issues,” said Pelerin.

This type of proactive security precaution is intended to build stronger defenses in IT by protecting backdoors waiting to be exploited, identifying system, software and application flaws and improper configurations, as well as examining encryption to ensure it is working optimally. The WSM penetration testing service includes servers, networks, workstations, printers, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as well as web, cloud and mobile applications, plus online services like Facebook.

This service is priced according to the size and complexity of the IT infrastructure starting at $1,799. For additional information and to obtain a free price quote, go to

In addition, WSM introduces a PCI compliance testing service, which applies to any company that accepts, processes and stores card payment data through mobile, online, or physical scanning. PCI compliance must be met by the website/application that is processing credit cards and requires meeting specific procedural compliance measures, including how the credit card data is handled at both the datacenter and server levels. This isn’t a one-time exam, but rather an ongoing process as certain merchant and PCI levels require a third-party penetration test audit every six months.

The PCI compliance testing service starts at $2,395. More information, and to obtain specific pricing, can be found at

Both of these new services are extensions to WSM’s existing security services, plus other offerings that include migration services, development services, DevOps services, support services and maintenance services.

“In both cases – penetration testing and PCI compliance – we were asked on multiple occasions to help customers so we decided to deliver these more broadly as packaged services,” said Pelerin.

About WSM International
WSM International ( is a specialized services and solutions integrator with a core focus on cloud and server migration, transformation, and DevOps services. WSM created the server migration services industry in 2003, and today is the largest specialized migration services provider in the world, having completed more migrations than all other competing service providers – combined.

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