Project Description

About Innovate Mobile

Innovate Mobile is a digital agency that helps companies design, develop, analyze, and market mobile and cloud-based apps, AI and machine learning solutions, IoT products, VR/AR experiences, and responsive websites.

The Background

Looking for cloud or hosting provider and environment recommendations, Innovate Mobile approached WSM with a new application. Their requirements were largely concerned with maintaining reasonable costs while ensuring high-availability.

The Challenge

WSM was engaged to set up a solution on AWS that was both economical and scalable, meeting the traffic needs of the application. Then, validate performance under live simulated application usage prior to application launch.

The Solution

Based on the server load aggregated through a custom Lambda function, WSM auto-scaled Innovate Mobile’s EC2 instances. Using an Amazon Cloud Front setup in front of an Elastic Load Balancer, WSM was able to distribute traffic to help meet the needs of the application. Additionally, to assist with scalability, the MySQL instance was optimized to assist with scaling for higher traffic volumes.

An EC2 instance was provisioned with an IOPS EBS Volume to be used as storage for the web nodes

To ensure that the application performed properly under high traffic conditions, WSM performed load testing. When load testing validated the performance, WSM pushed the site into production.

The Results

  • Executed a successful 5,000 user load test and the application was taken live
  • Provided a scalable environment for the new application that was able to meet the demands of the client
  • Created a cost-effective environment by utilizing auto-scaling to spin down servers when traffic levels were lower but could easily scale when needed