As 2017 wraps up and we look ahead to 2018, our CEO Ryan Pelerin shares three major IT predictions for 2018 in this article on VM Blog, “Let’s Get Cloud Right This Time.” Here are some highlights from Ryan’s predictions:

First, we see many enterprises looking at a “do-over” when it comes to moving to cloud computing. Initially, in the rush to get to the cloud there was a lot of “lift-and-shift” where workloads were migrated more or less as-is from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Time wasn’t taken to transform, adapt to the cloud and re-factor workloads.

Next, in the maturation of cloud computing, we’ll see the adoption of DevOps increase with the transformation of workloads that take full advantage of cloud computing.

And, third, greater attention will be placed on security, including employee training.

Take a look at Ryan’s predictions and see if you agree. We wish everyone a great and prosperous 2018!