WSM announces price discount on load testing services!

WSM load testing services are now priced as low as $529, offering even the most budget conscious website operators and small businesses the opportunity to answer questions like ‘how much traffic can my my website handle’ or ‘what kind of hosting server(s) do I need for my website’.

WSM also offers additional tiered fee discounts for your 2nd and all subsequent load tests, so you can actually see the results of improvements that were made after the first baseline performance test without breaking your budget!

WSM load testing services – affordable website load testing with superior results and value.

Do I need to load test my website?

The short answer is yes, especially now that it’s affordable.  Load testing your website is the only measurable way to determine how the website will perform under load, more specifically defined as how many concurrent connections (page hits, if you will) your website can handle before performance degradation (i.e. slow page loads, server timeouts) occur.

Why is it important to know how much traffic my website can handle?

Simply put, if your website does not deliver content quickly when a user hits a page, then the user will likely leave the site for a competitor website.  This will increase your new visitor page bounce rate (bad juju) and worse, likely result in revenue loss for you and revenue gain for your competitor.

Load testing your website is also the best way to plan ahead for website traffic spikes, such as those that would occur during peak seasonal e-commerce website traffic increases, or if you are planning a social or other digital or broadcast media marketing campaign that will drive more traffic to your website.

In summary, any business that needs to generate revenue from a website gains a competitive advantage by load testing the website to determine its real world performance under production traffic load.

WSM – Load Testing Advantages

Unlike competitive load testing services that only give you the results of your test (think, “OK that is a nice looking report, what does it all mean and what am I supposed to do now?), WSM enhanced load testing services give you the results AND recommendations to actually improve the performance of your website!

Now, for as low as $529, you get a full report of your current website performance and some no-nonsense, simple to understand technical improvements that WSM website performance optimization engineers can implement for you in short order.

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