We’ve all heard the expression, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” To paraphrase, it means that when people really need to do something, they will figure out a way to do it.

That turns out to be the perfect description for how WSM started in 2003 when our founder Ryan Pelerin recognized the opportunity to fill a void by providing web server migration services. We’ve grown from there to tackle just about every imaginable scenario to migrate all types of workloads, applications, and digital assets.

We’ve migrated more than 100,000 servers in the past five years without a single failure. Take a look at the many globally recognized brand name organizations that have trusted us with migration and support of their critical hosted applications. For more details, have a look here at case studies of projects for private and public cloud migration, application transformation, IT infrastructure optimization and resolution of security vulnerability. That’s right, we provide services that extend beyond migrations – more and more as our customers look to us for help.

You see, Ryan taught us all to keep inventing. It’s a necessity.

We’ve developed expertise including cloud assessments, cloud architecture, security, configuration, load testing and performance optimization, 24/7/365 server management and administration, compromised application and server diagnostics/remediation, and full-function web/hosted services support and maintenance. We’ve done it all.

Contact us at no obligation to learn how WSM can help transform, migrate, optimize and secure your IT services. No invention necessary, we’ve already taken care of that.