What do you mean it won’t work? The vendor said it would.


Regardless of the marketing angle, the realities are that cloud migrations cannot be 100 percent automated.

Simply put, migrations cannot be completely solved alone by software, technology or automation – at least not until all applications, workloads, websites, data services and all clouds and hosting infrastructures are ‘standardized’. Until that happens (we’re not holding our breath…), every server migration and cloud migration will require capable human intervention to ensure the transition is done right, and the automated migration tool that’s chosen will serve the purpose for which it was intended.

At WSM, we’ve migrated more than 100,000 servers in the past five years and we take full advantage of automation software, too, but there is always manual work involved, including software installation, reconfiguring images, testing/troubleshooting, and data syncing.

Marketing claims aside, we find the surefire approach to successful migrations requires that organizational needs and resources should be evaluated thoroughly in advance to ensure the most technically sound, efficient, and cost-effective migration strategy, including deploying the right automated migration tool where they make sense.